8% year on year rise – Property Developments in the South East are On The Rise

Continued Increase In New Housing Projects

We have seen an 8% year on year rise in the number of property developments in the South East which is due to the incredible investment opportunities in the area. And it is an upwards trend that look set to continue. Our specialist consultant services can help you look for your next investment.

The South East is a perfect location for new build homes as the rental sector is also on the rise. Tenant demand for rental property is at its strongest since January 2004. 23 per cent of surveyors have reported a rise in demand over a fall, compared to a 20 per cent rise in the previous quarter. To keep up with the latest housing construction news read here.

The biggest demand in the South East is for one and two bedroom apartments, with family homes being the next popular.

The continued increase in demand for properties, rental value and an influx of people to the South East means that lenders are more confident than ever. This is great news for Property Developers looking to secure a loan for their next big project..