The Ultimate Guide to Property Surveys

Chartered building surveyors have the training, skills and technical knowledge to provide advice in many aspects of commercial property repair, maintenance and construction.

Conduct a Home Buyers Report with an RIC registered surveyor

A home buyer report is one of the most requested services when using a chartered surveyor. The best thing about a home buyer report is that it is one of the most detailed reports, by giving advice about repairs and maintenance. A market valuation is also included in this.

Having a home buyer report conducted will contribute towards a final decision about a property in numerous aspects, including asking price. Email a London surveyor here.

RIC Home Buyer Report

Advice so you can take the next step

Whether you have an existing property, a proposed acquisition or are planning a new build, contact us for construction and design advice for refurbishment, interior fit-out, alteration and extension, repair and maintenance. Find out how to add value to your property.

The type of HS&E test you take will depend on the type of CSCS card you need to apply for. If you are unsure of which card you need speak to a CSCS London advisor or your site manager today and apply as soon as possible.

Types of professional surveys

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