Quick guide to electrical work

Electrician services

If you need electrical work done in your home, it’s vital that the work is done to the highest standards; to both meet legal requirements ensure the safety of you and your family.  Our guide to electrical work will tell you what kind of work can be done safely and legally yourself and when to get the experts in!

What electrical work can I do myself?

All electrical work must be compliant with the IEE Wiring Regulations, and there is a basic division between work deemed ‘notifiable’ (i.e. where the Building Regulations Officer needs to be notified BEFORE work commences) and work that is ‘non-notifiable’ (i.e. where notification is not necessary).  View more information.

Full details of tasks that are notifiable and non-notifiable can be found in the IEE wiring regulations, but it is always better to check with the Building Regulations Officer before starting any work.

If you are confident with DIY projects and familiar with electrical circuits and safety requirements it is possible to undertake minor electrical work at home.  Examples include:

  • Replacing sockets
  • Replacing switches
  • Replacing ceiling roses
  • Adding light fittings and switches to existing circuits, or adding sockets to existing circuits (except in kitchens and bathrooms)

Construction wiring

What do I need an electrician for?

If you are not confident with DIY then you should always bring in a fully qualified electrician, and for those tasks beyond the basic tasks listed above you should use a qualified and experienced electrician who will organise notification for you and leave you with a test certificate for the electrical work carried out. Click here for domestic and commercial electricians in the Brisbane area.