Wireless CCTV Networks and Benefits


Wireless CCTV technology (Wi-Fi) Explained

A wireless CCTV system is compromised of a number of cameras that transmit video and audio feeds to a wireless receiver. This is done through a secure Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi technology provides internet access to users within a certain range, within a home or building for example, without the need for cables.

This is achieved by the installation of wireless routers which sends out a signal which devices such as phone, printers, laptops and computers can connect to.

Once they are connected, these devices have access to the internet and can also have access to each other.

Wi-Fi can allow you to print something off of the internet on a laptop to a printer without either one needing to be wired up to the internet or to each other.

The Benefits of a Wireless CCTV System

A wireless CCTV system has a number of benefits when it comes to reducing infrastructure costs.

This is because the system serves a secure, cloud network as opposed to running expensive cables through buildings and offices. Read more.

Unlike wired CCTV systems, the feed won’t drop as there aren’t any wires for criminals and intruders to cut, giving you a constant feed of your property, office or commercial building.

Furthermore, wireless CCTV cameras can be moved. Rather investing and spending money on reorganising your wired CCTV network, you’ll easily be able to move your wireless CCTV cameras to where you see fit. What are the best Wi-Fi cameras?